In recent years, Kane New Materials has broken through the constraints of the original system, accelerated the launch of new production lines, continuously reformed and innovated its operating mechanism, and taken great strides to achieve leapfrog development. Behind the development of an enterprise lies the hard work of countless people, among which some ordinary yet extraordinary figures shine, like a strong cornerstone, supporting the company to continuously overcome difficulties and forge ahead.

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Reviewing, discussing, correcting, and cooperating, you can always trust the power of the team

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The No. 11 paper machine is a high-end filter paper production line that has just been technically renovated and put into operation this year. Many of the equipment on this production line are new equipment that the company has adopted for the first time. In production practice, its performance needs to be constantly explored and adjusted. Especially in the paper feeding process, close cooperation from the team is even more necessary.

After the successful trial production of the new paper machine and a period of stability, in September this year, the 11th paper machine underwent two rounds of speed increase, with a total speed increase rate of about 13%, setting a new record for the company's filter paper production line speed.

On the first day of speeding up, the paper machine repeatedly experienced paper breakage. The operation team led by Ye Xianlin as the team leader consisted of two old employees and two new employees, forming a four person team of old and new employees. The team led by Ye Xianlin did not feel discouraged or complain despite repeated paper breaks in the paper machine. Whenever team members had time, they discussed solutions together, reviewed existing problems, corrected defects in manual operation coordination, and continuously improved their work methods. With the joint efforts of everyone, the paper machine achieved two successful speeds within a month, helping the company's production capacity to continuously improve and reach new heights.

Constantly honing oneself, one person is a team

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In order to make more rational and efficient use of human resources, since the technical renovation at the beginning of this year, the 16th paper machine has undergone a structural adjustment of paper machine operators, implemented a new scheduling system, and made personnel more efficient. How to maintain a tight balance and ensure the smooth implementation of production and operation while reducing personnel is a new management issue. Currently, there is an urgent need for a versatile employee who is familiar with all positions and can fill them at any time. To be competent in the position of class monitor, and to do a good job in self psychological adjustment, and to be reassured to do a good job in ordinary operation positions. It can be said that this position may seem ordinary, but it is actually a "special forces soldier" with comprehensive abilities and strong adaptability. It is not a squad leader, but rather a squad leader.

Wang Hua was originally a team leader of the 16th paper machine. He was rigorous and responsible in his work, and loved to study. When he learned about the company's new operating model and the need for a versatile position, Wang Hua quickly adjusted his mind and actively took on this ordinary but very important responsibility. He quickly adapted to this mobility. There was no fixed team, and whether it was a team leader or a member, there was no vacancy, so he could take on the job at any time. Provided strong support for the smooth implementation of the company's institutional reform and new mechanisms.

Professionalism, dedication, and value

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The paper machine production line of the company is like the lifeline of the company, which is a prerequisite for the healthy operation of the enterprise and the realization of benefits. In order to maximize production capacity, the paper machine is in a 365 day, all-weather operation state under normal circumstances. The maintenance, repair, and upkeep of paper machine related electrical appliances are carried out through inspections during production.

As the on duty electrician, Chen Guochun had to arrive at each production site during the night inspection, with numerous locations and equipment, which tested his physical strength, patience, and experience.

On October 3rd and October 7th, during routine inspections in the evening, Chen Guochun found that the motor cooling fan of the dilute white water pump and the concentrated mixing water pump of the company's KY01 paper machine were damaged and stopped working. If not detected and repaired in a timely manner, the shutdown of these two key equipment will directly lead to the shutdown of the production line, causing significant losses to the company's production.

Chen Guochun, who is already in his 50s this year, has ensured the smooth operation of the production line with his professionalism, dedication, rich work experience, and meticulous work attitude, while also realizing his ordinary and extraordinary professional and life values.

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Whether the company's giant ship can ride the wind and waves, sail straight to the vast sea, depends on every component and every person here. As long as everyone works together, there is no distance that cannot be reached.