Adhere to the path of green production and take solid steps towards low-carbon development

The company integrates the concept of "carbon peak and carbon neutrality" into its research and development, production, and service processes, adhering to the path of green production and taking solid steps towards low-carbon development. The company has established a sound environmental management system and strictly follows the environmental management system to carry out environmental management work. The company actively responds to climate change, optimizes green supply chains, practices environmental protection, improves various environmental governance and green production systems, strengthens waste disposal and pollution risk emergency plans, and strengthens training and promotion of green office, production, and life for all employees in accordance with the requirements and norms of a "green factory". It has successfully created a "national level green factory", Make greater contributions to building a green home through practical actions.

Green and environmentally friendly

Based on our own reality, we have established the 1235 Green Strategy


Becoming a global provider and leader of green, low-carbon specialty paper


Process upgrade

refined management


Achieve carbon peak in 2026

Carbon emission intensity in 2035 will decrease by 20% compared to 2021

Realize carbon neutrality by 2060


Process efficiency improvement

Green transformation of products

Energy consumption structure transformation

Resource recycling and reuse

Technological innovation and upgrading