Building an intelligent green production and operation model

Implement the concept of green China, beautiful China, and common prosperity, adhere to the development model of green, low-carbon, digital, and intelligent manufacturing, and create an intelligent green production and operation model.

To create an intelligent green production and operation model, the company has successively introduced key production equipment and online testing equipment with international advanced levels from Germany, Japan and other countries. Through self technological transformation, it has built 10 special paper production lines with domestic top-notch level. In 2021, an old production line upgrade project was launched, which completed the energy-saving and intelligent transformation and upgrading of a production line for low-end paper. It has become an internationally advanced production line for wide width, low weight, and high-performance electrolytic capacitor diaphragms.

Integrated development of information technology and manufacturing technology

The company actively promotes the integration and development of new generation information technology and manufacturing technology. Through self-developed key production equipment and the development of industrial Internet, the company utilizes Internet of Things technology, equipment monitoring technology, big data technology, etc. to strengthen information management and services, improve the controllability of production processes, and achieve automation, digitization, and intelligence of factory production.

The second phase of the digital project in 2022 focuses on optimizing and improving the functions of each system. Through system integration, the interconnection, data sharing, and utilization of each system are achieved, optimizing the business processes of application scenarios, and achieving comprehensive digitalization of enterprise operations, effectively improving management level and decision-making efficiency.

Kane Intelligence System

Based on the supOS industrial internet operating system and integrating management systems such as CRM, ERP, MES, WMS, OA, etc., we achieve flexible manufacturing and refined management guided by customer orders, intelligent control of the production process, and full process visualization, constructing an enterprise intelligent brain that makes accurate decisions based on data.

- customer orientation

Integrated supply, production, and sales

Three stream synchronization

value analysis

Industrial chain collaboration

Building a digital factory


Efficient internal and external collaboration

service extension

Personalized requirements for order acceptance

Integrated system integration of supply, production, and sales

Massive data integration, cleaning, and utilization

A fast DIY operation management platform


Cost reduction and refinement

Cost control for work orders

Realizing zero inventory of non strategic materials and

Improvement of logistics operation efficiency

Real time process and energy consumption control

Equipment maintenance cost control


Safety control and green manufacturing

Quality traceability and implementation of responsibility system

Standardized control of processes and operations

Process → Quality → Closed loop of process

Digital support for product development


Quality improvement and standardized manufacturing

Personnel operation safety

The demand for equipment prevention and early warning

Environmental Protection and Health

energy conservation

quality assurance

In recent years, the company will launch SPC (Statistical Process Control) control software to analyze and evaluate the production process using mathematical and statistical methods. Based on feedback information, abnormal trends in product quality will be identified in a timely manner, facilitating effective measures to maintain the process in a controlled state and ensure product quality.

supporting facilities

Kane already has complete supporting equipment for the production of paper-based materials, including raw material preparation factories, pure water treatment factories, and thermal power plants.