The heat sealable tea bag filter paper ,non heat sealable tea bag filter paper, and drying bag paper produced by the company have good breathability and water filtration performance, as well as considerable tensile strength and heat sealing performance.

There are several types of heat sealable tea bag filter paper, including low weight tea filter paper, original color tea bag filter paper, and coffee filter paper. Widely used in food, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries, suitable for packaging granular powder substances such as tea, coffee, herbal health tea, etc.

Product and market advantages

It has high wet strength and good filtration speed, is resistant to boiling water brewing, and also has dry strength and elasticity suitable for automatic packaging machines for bagged tea

Complete product range

Our product range is complete, among which the non-heat sealable series products are in a leading position in the Chinese market and are comparable to their European international market. counterparts in terms of performance.Our competitive pricing strategy is particularly attractive to high-end customers.

High brand awareness

Our company's filter paper series products have a production history of nearly 20 years (15 years non heat sealable), have a stronger market foundation than domestic counterparts, and have a certain  reputation in the international market.

Extensive strategic Cooperation

Our partnership with ORIMI and the famous Russian bubble tea company significantly enhances our market presence.

Agent advantages

Our agents in Sri Lanka and Russia have strategically located warehouses to better serve our customers.