Since the beginning of this year, in order to further enhance the regulatory capacity of the power system, promote orderly power supply and clean energy consumption, the Provincial Energy Supervision Office has issued multiple relevant documents to encourage third-party independent entities to actively participate in the peak shaving auxiliary trading market. Just as the "Lidian Energy Mall" in Lishui City has just been launched, Kane New Materials has taken the lead and become the first cooperative enterprise of the "Lidian Energy Mall".

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On September 20, 2023, the signing ceremony of the power auxiliary service agency cooperation agreement between Zhejiang Kane New Materials Co., Ltd. and State Grid (Lishui) Comprehensive Energy Services Co., Ltd. was successfully held at Kane New Materials Co., Ltd. The signing ceremony included Mei Mingxing, General Manager of State Grid (Lishui) Comprehensive Energy Services Co., Ltd., Zhou Weijun, General Manager and Deputy Party Secretary of State Grid Suichang County Power Supply Company, Sun Xin, Director of Science and Technology Department of State Grid Lishui Power Supply Company Xu Kui, Deputy General Manager and Party Committee Member of State Grid Suichang County Power Supply Company, and Xie Meizhen, Deputy General Manager of Zhejiang Kane New Materials Co., Ltd., attended the signing ceremony.

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At the signing ceremony, Xie Meizhen, Deputy General Manager of Kane New Materials Company, and Mei Mingxing, General Manager of State Grid (Lishui) Comprehensive Energy Services Co., Ltd., respectively represented the two parties in officially signing the cooperation agreement. This marks a new chapter in the cooperation between both parties.

Company's dual carbon management promotional video

With the proposal of the "dual carbon" goal and the urgent need for energy conservation and consumption reduction in society, more and more enterprises are paying more attention to energy management. Enterprises achieve energy conservation and consumption reduction, lower production costs, and reduce carbon emissions through various means. On the one hand, it responds to national policies and requirements, and on the other hand, it also brings benefits to the enterprise itself.

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As the world's largest manufacturer of electrolytic capacitor diaphragms, Zhejiang Kane New Materials Co., Ltd. has always attached great importance to energy conservation and consumption reduction. Based on the concept of green development, Kane Company actively responds to the "dual carbon" goal, actively promotes ESG related practices within the company, and assists environmental protection and sustainable development with system and management innovation. Based on its own actual situation, Kane has established the "1235" green development strategy, One vision: to become a global provider and leader of green, low-carbon specialty paper; Two grippers: process upgrading and refined management; Three goals: achieving carbon peak by 2026, reducing carbon emission intensity by 20% compared to 2021 by 2035, and achieving carbon neutrality by 2060; Five paths: improving process efficiency, green transformation of products, transformation of energy consumption structure, resource recycling, and technological innovation and upgrading. Establish a complete carbon neutrality practice system and continuously promote the green transformation of enterprises.

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In recent years, the company's production efficiency has increased by multiple times, with remarkable results in energy conservation and consumption reduction. The company's production methods continue to develop towards digitization, intelligence, and greenization.

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Due to the excellent performance of the company in dual carbon work, the company's dual carbon management case was presented as a typical case at the 2023 Zhejiang Province Energy Conservation Promotion Month "Energy Conservation and Carbon Reduction, You and I Walk Together" Lishui Energy Efficiency Improvement Typical Case Lecture, which received strong feedback and unanimous praise from all sectors.

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The company will take this signing ceremony as an opportunity to deepen exploration of broader and deeper cooperation, promote the formation of more high-quality cooperation results, especially around potential development opportunities in emerging businesses such as power auxiliary services, carbon trading, and carbon emissions, and achieve higher levels of mutual benefit and win-win.

Kane New Materials will continue to actively cooperate with the national strategic goals of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, strictly implement the "dual control" action of total energy consumption and energy intensity, fully utilize its own advantages, adapt to local conditions, take multiple measures, fully develop new energy, actively apply advanced technology, equipment, smart systems, etc. to create a more green, scientific, and effective energy-saving and emission reduction system, and steadily and orderly promote energy-saving and emission reduction work, Effectively improving energy utilization efficiency and achieving green and high-quality development of enterprises.