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Recently, the "2023 Nantong New Generation Information Technology Expo and China Electronic Components Industry Summit" jointly organized by the Nantong Municipal People's Government and the China Electronic Components Industry Association came to an end at the Nantong International Conference Center in Jiangsu. Kane New Materials, the world's largest producer of electrolytic capacitor diaphragms, was invited to attend the summit and gave a keynote presentation titled "Current Status and Development Trends of Capacitor Diaphragms" at the conference.

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In order to fully utilize the important platform and opportunity of the industry summit and capacitor branch annual meeting, and to report and showcase the company's latest achievements and development plans in many fields such as technological transformation investment, new production line landing and production, and new product development in recent years to the industry, suppliers, customers, etc., and enhance the company's brand influence, Kane New Materials has undergone long-term careful planning, On the eve of the industrial summit on August 30th, Shenzhen Xinzhoubang Technology Co., Ltd., a strategic partner of the company, held a groundbreaking "New Zhoubang" event at the Jinshi Hotel in Nantong; Kane's joint new product launch event releases the latest progress in the research and development of capacitor materials.

More than 100 association experts, including Ai Lihua, Vice Chairman and Chairman of the Capacitor Branch of the China Electronics Components Industry Association, Ran Hongting, Secretary General of the Capacitor Branch of the China Electronics Components Industry Association, Ling Jianmin, Deputy Secretary General of the Capacitor Branch of the China Electronics Components Industry Association, and representatives of various enterprises attending the annual conference of the Capacitor Branch, attended the press conference.

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At the press conference, Dr. Zhao Dacheng, Dean of the Research Institute of Shenzhen Xinzhoubang Technology Co., Ltd., and Li Nanhua, Chief Engineer of Kane New Materials, respectively represented both companies on stage to launch new products. They reported and introduced the latest product research and development progress of both companies, the breakthrough performance indicators of new products, and future research directions.

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There is also an important topic at this press conference, which is the signing ceremony of the major cooperation project between New Zebang and Kane, the cooperation project on low chlorine fiberglass paper for new capacitors. Xu Xiaolin, General Manager of Jiangsu Hils Electronic Materials Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Xinzhoubang, and Liu Chengyue, Chairman of Zhejiang Kane New Materials Co., Ltd., respectively signed contracts on behalf of both companies at the meeting. Under the joint witness of outstanding representatives in the industry, multiple cooperation projects between Xinzhoubang and Kane will start a new chapter.

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Low chlorine fiberglass paper for new capacitors is a high-tech electronic basic material that still relies on imports and is a bottleneck project that the country urgently needs to solve. Xinzhoubang is the largest electrolyte manufacturing enterprise in China, while Kane is a leading enterprise in the domestic special paper industry such as electrolytic capacitor separators. Electrolyte and electrolytic capacitor separators are important raw materials for capacitors, and the two are closely combined. Based on the above factors, New Zebra and Kane have a very important foundation and broad prospects for cooperation.

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Both sides expressed that they will take this cooperation signing as a starting point, work together to climb the technological peak, and make their own contributions to the localization and substitution of materials in China's capacitor industry, as well as the overall progress and development of the capacitor industry.

During the industry summit, a new product launch event was jointly held, which was unprecedented in previous summits. The innovative actions of the two high-tech enterprises received strong feedback. Kane's booth at the exhibition attracted a lot of attention. The industry, customers, and others highly recognize the company's innovative measures, and pay close attention to the cooperation projects between the company and strategic partners. They express great expectations for the company's development prospects.