The birds fly and the grass grows, the sunshine is bright, and the spring color is gradually getting stronger. In this vibrant and beautiful season, the goddesses also welcome their own exclusive festival.

To celebrate the "March 8th" holiday together and make the female employees of the company happy and meaningful, Kane New Materials Company organized all female employees to go on a spring outing in batches to Tonglu from March 5th to 6th, experiencing the beautiful spring scenery and the warmth and beauty of the big family.

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At 8 o'clock in the morning, we gathered and set off at the company, spreading laughter and joy along the way. This collective trip, the goddesses were enthusiastic and the team atmosphere was full. This trip to Tonglu mainly includes two itineraries: Shen'ao Ancient Village and Tianzidi, one to experience traditional culture, and the other to indulge in mountains and rivers, complementing each other.

Shen'ao Ancient Village is one of the few villages in Jiangnan that preserves a large area of ancient architecture. Unlike typical commercial attractions, the village still has residents living here, with a strong sense of life. It is like a living history, allowing people to intuitively experience traditional living patterns.

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The ancient village has a considerable volume, and the integrity of the ancient buildings is also very good. The ground is covered with small cobblestone roads, exuding a natural atmosphere. Here, while appreciating the ancient buildings and learning about the ancestral temple culture, you can also learn to observe various traditional intangible cultural heritage skills, such as Paper Cuttings, gourd pyrography, hand-made silver ornaments, hanfu clothing, batik, and other traditional cultural display and production workshops, which make people linger and forget to return.

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The afternoon Tianzidi Scenic Area is the highlight of this trip. In the third month of spring, thousands of acres of wild cherry blossoms bloom in Tianzidi, with endless spring sunshine. The main color tone of the scenic area's buildings is bright purple, and the purple and cherry blossom pink form a romantic and fashionable tone, which is highly personalized and matches the temperament of the goddesses.

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In front of romantic cherry blossoms, on the uniquely designed Buddha's Hand Bridge and the towering Mirror of the Sky, goddesses clock in one after another, framing beautiful and unforgettable moments with flowers, Buddha's Hand, and the sky. In addition to romance, there is also a thrilling and thrilling side to the land of heaven. The glass hollow rope suspension bridge spanning the valley and the glass drift slide from the mountaintop to the foot of the mountain are both heart wrenching to watch. Goddesses cheer each other up, regardless of age or youth, challenging each other one after another. Amidst the screams and screams, they feel heart wrenching, release stress to the fullest, and release their emotions.

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Flower Appreciation Season

Although a day of travel may be brief and tiring, it is more about everyone communicating together, enjoying beauty together, feeling the collective atmosphere, facing challenges together, and accumulating more energy, full of harvest and precious memories.

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