Safety production, the alarm bell rings long. Security is the lifeline of enterprises and the greatest benefit. Safety work must be persistently carried out and prevented in advance. June of this year is the 22nd National "Safety Production Month", with the theme of "Everyone talks about safety, everyone knows how to respond to emergencies". Around this theme, Kane New Materials Company actively plans and conscientiously organizes a series of safety education activities such as safety training and practical exercises, effectively improving the safety awareness, prevention ability, and scientific rescue level of all employees. Provided a solid guarantee for the company's safety production.

Special training for special assignments to strengthen safety defenses

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There are eight special hazardous operations, including limited space operations, hot work operations, and temporary electricity operations. Due to the high safety risks involved in these operations, blind rescue operations can easily occur, leading to the spread of accidents and the characteristics of mass casualties. To avoid the safety risks of special hazardous operations and ensure the production safety of the company. At the same time, it is also to implement the requirements of the 2023 Action Plan for Special Investigation and Rectification of Major Accident Hazards in the Industry and Trade Industry of Suichang County, and fulfill the legal obligation of enterprise safety production education and training. On June 2, 2023, the company's security department organized a special training activity for special hazardous operations. More than 50 team leaders, equipment maintenance team leaders, and full-time and part-time safety officers from various business units of the company participated in the training activity.

In the special education and training for special hazardous operations, typical warning education for limited space operation cases was carried out; Detailed explanations were given on the characteristics of eight special operations, including hot work, confined space operations, high-altitude operations, lifting operations, temporary electricity operations, soil excavation operations, circuit breaking operations, and blind plate plugging operations; From the aspects of homework approval, technical disclosure, personnel supervision, safety requirements for equipment and facilities, labor protection, implementation of on-site safety measures, emergency rescue, etc., comprehensive systematic knowledge training is provided to enable employees to understand the norms of work processes and possess necessary knowledge and skills in preventing dangerous work safety risks. Effectively leverage the role of team leaders as core members of the production frontline team, strictly implement the safety operation standards for special hazardous operations from point to surface, and ensure the safety of all special operations in the company.

All staff safety training, safety starts from me

In order to enhance the safety awareness of all employees, identify safety hazards around them, and reduce production safety accidents, the company organized a safety training lecture for all employees on the afternoon of April 9, 2023. We have specially invited Pan Xiaoliang, a senior security engineer from Hangzhou He'an Security Technology Service Company, to give a lecture.

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The training starts with a video of a typical factory fire accident that occurred this year, allowing everyone to intuitively experience the severity of the accident and raising enough awareness; Pan Gaogong explained the essence of safety, pointing out that safety is the state in which risks are controlled, and detailed the potential factors of risks, including human risk, material risk, environmental risk, management risk, etc; Popularized the characteristics and prevention knowledge of occupational diseases; Everyone emphasizes the importance of safety, and through the explanation of Gomez's safety rules, everyone can understand what the most effective management is; I have watched educational and warning videos on several major types of accidents in China in recent years, including mechanical accidents, object strikes, falls from heights, high-voltage electricity, fires, confined space accidents, and hazardous chemical accidents. I deeply understand the importance of everyone having safety awareness; From the perspective of emergency response, we have popularized the correct handling methods for emergency situations such as cardiac arrest, heatstroke, airway obstruction, burns, epilepsy, etc. Everyone strives to be a guardian of life safety.

The two-hour lecture was completed in one go, combining theory with practice, vivid and detailed, comprehensive in content, and full of knowledge. Each participant received excellent safety knowledge education and gained a lot.

Limited space emergency rescue drill

This drill simulates a malfunction of the sewage treatment tank equipment in the workshop, which requires maintenance personnel to enter for maintenance, resulting in an accident. Before the drill begins, the approval process for limited space operations should be carried out according to work requirements, and safety training and technical exchanges should be provided to on-site operators, supervisors, and emergency personnel. Before entering the work, follow the operating procedures for "ventilation first, detection later, and then work". The supervisor is present on site and checks the safety measures and communication equipment. The maintenance personnel had an accident, and the guardians discovered it. They reported the accident situation and immediately activated the emergency rescue plan upon receiving the report. The emergency rescue personnel quickly rushed to the scene to safely rescue the trapped personnel.

After a 45 minute drill, the injured were promptly rescued and treated, and the accident was dealt with in an orderly manner, achieving the goal of a successful drill and playing a role as a model. After the drill, the emergency rescue command team promptly summarized their experience and improved the effectiveness of the drill. Through drills, the deficiencies in emergency plans and procedures were exposed before the actual accident occurred, and the shortage of emergency resources was discovered, which also enhanced the confidence and rescue awareness of employees in responding to sudden accidents. Through drills, emergency rescue personnel further clarify their job responsibilities and improve their proficiency in emergency rescue skills.