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On September 8, 2022, the second Lishui Skills Competition Welder Competition, hosted by the Lishui Municipal People's Government and organized by the Lishui Federation of Trade Unions and the Lishui Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, came to an end at Suichang County Vocational and Technical School. The competition consists of two parts: a theoretical knowledge competition and a welder practical operation competition. Zheng Jianbo, a Kane employee representing the Suichang team, defeated the others and won the championship in one fell swoop.

A brand new breakthrough for the millennial second son

In the welding industry, Zheng Jianbo is not a newcomer who has recently emerged, but a veteran who has been honored and fought on the battlefield for many years. In 2003, Zheng Jianbo started working at Ningbo Provincial Installation Company. When he came into contact with welding work, he inexplicably enjoyed it and entered the field of welding. At the provincial installation company, Zheng Jianbo grew rapidly, accumulated rich work experience, and laid a solid foundation. In 2010, Zheng Jianbo entered Kane and continued to work as a welder without changing his original intention. In 2012, news came that the Lishui Vocational Skills Competition was being held. With the encouragement of his leaders and colleagues, as well as his desire to test his years of work skills through the competition, Zheng Jianbo signed up for the competition with a try and see attitude. He trained hard and continuously improved his skills, achieving a good result of second place in the competition. And was awarded the title of Technical Expert in Lishui City.

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At work

Afterwards, Zheng Jianbo was unstoppable, like a whirlwind, and successively won the first place in the welding project of the 2018 Suichang County Employee Skills Competition; In 2018, he won the second place in the welder project of the first Green Valley Craftsman Vocational Skills Competition in Lishui City, and was selected for the "Excellent Skilled Talents" training project of the "Million and Ten Million" High skilled Leading Talents Training Project in Zhejiang Province. He was also selected as a backbone talent of enterprises in Lishui City and a "Green Valley Enterprise Rookie"; Ranked second in the welder project of the second Green Valley Craftsman Vocational Skills Competition in Lishui City in 2020. I have been awarded the titles of Green Valley Craftsman and Lishui Technical Expert several times, and have been hired by Suichang Vocational High School as an off campus guidance and reliable expert. But due to consistently ranking second in the city, Zheng Jianbo was mocked by his teammates as the second oldest person in a thousand years, and he also held back a bit of energy in his heart, feeling a bit unwilling.

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In order to seek breakthroughs, he not only diligently practices and delves into techniques, but also continuously improves his knowledge and expands his boundaries in other aspects such as theory. In 2021, he squeezed out time to strengthen his studies, applied for and obtained a welding teacher certificate and evaluation certificate, jumped out of his original perspective, studied from a different perspective, and gained a new and more comprehensive understanding of equipment technology, evaluation standards, and evaluation perspectives.

In 2022, when the news came that the second Lishui Skills Competition Welder Competition would be held in Suichang, as the host and also a leading figure in the field of Suichang County, Zheng Jianbo couldn't sit still and felt that his mission was on his shoulders. He voluntarily signed up to participate in the competition.

In the selection competition for the team competition in Suichang County, Zheng Jianbo firmly ranked first and formed a 5-person competition group with four other outstanding players, representing Suichang County in the city level competition.

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Zheng Jianbo actively prepares for the competition, constantly researching and trying new welding techniques during training, pursuing higher quality and more perfect results. Welding is a dangerous skill, and flying sparks can burn the skin at any time.

"For the perfect effect, even if sparks splash onto the body, people cannot move," Zheng Jianbo rolled up his pants to show the author his new scars from this training. Burns are a common occurrence for welders. In addition to more than 10 hours of practical training every day, theoretical learning is also a race against time. He wakes up at 5 o'clock every morning to study and memorize question banks. After lunch and before going to bed at night, whenever there is a moment, he will make full use of it.

After going through twists and turns, our strength has won the championship

Representative's sworn speech

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On September 7, 2022, the second Lishui Skills Competition Welder Competition was held as scheduled at Suichang County Vocational School. A total of 30 contestants from all over the city participated in this competition. Zheng Jianbo, as a representative of the participating team members, made an oath speech at the opening ceremony.

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at the match

The competition is divided into two major parts: theoretical knowledge competition and welder practical operation competition. In the theoretical knowledge competition, Zheng Jianbo achieved second place.

The practical competition on September 8th will determine the workpiece, workstation, and time by drawing lots. Zheng Jianbo had some setbacks in the competition. At the beginning of the competition, he found that the tools were not complete. It had been more than ten minutes since the tools were repaired and assembled. He calmed down, calmly faced the challenge, and quickly caught up. When the first workpiece was completed, it was unclear whether it was due to excessive pressure carrying the hope of the people of Suichang or eating something bad, and suddenly his stomach was very painful. The welding competition requires completing three workpieces within the specified time, and the difficulty coefficient is high, which is also a severe test of physical fitness. The examiner saw him in such pain and asked if he wanted to withdraw from the competition. Zheng Jianbo gritted his teeth and decided to persist. After taking the Huoxiang Zhengqi Pill, with perseverance and superb skills, the next two workpieces were beautifully completed.

In the end, Zheng Jianbo won first place in the practical competition and comprehensive competition with a high score advantage, breaking the curse of being the second oldest person in a thousand years, fulfilling his dream of first place, and earning the titles of "Top Skilled Talent in Lishui City" and "Lishui Gold Blue Collar", completing his career perfectly.

Next, Zheng Jianbo will also represent athletes from Lishui City to participate in the 2022 Zhejiang Province Welder Vocational Skills Competition held in Suichang, let's wait and see.