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Kane Company, as a leading enterprise in China's special paper industry, has always occupied a high position in technology and talent. The company's postdoctoral workstation has taken frequent actions and made great strides in development. This year, it welcomed the second doctoral candidate to enter the field.

On August 23, 2022, the opening report meeting of the company's postdoctoral workstation and the awarding ceremony of the teaching internship base of South China University of Technology, as well as the launch ceremony of the "Lishui Double Hundred Leading Plan", were grandly held in the Kane Conference Hall. A proposal evaluation expert group consisting of Professor Tian Junfei from South China University of Technology, Professor Yang Yonggang from Shanxi University, Professor Chen Wanping, Senior Consultant of Kane New Materials, Professor level Senior Engineer, Chief Engineer Li Nanhua Senior Engineer, Zhou Zhenyu, Zhang Wenchao, Shao Weiyong Senior Engineer, and seven others, Vice Dean of the School of Light Engineering and Science at South China University of Technology Li Bo, Senior Experimental Engineer Liu Zhulan from Nanjing Forestry University, and Dr. Wei Weiqi from Nanjing Forestry University Jiang Tao from the Technical Department of the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Lishui City, Ye Huihua, Deputy Director of the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Suichang County, Wang Ying, Director of the Talent Work Service Department of the Organization Department of the Suichang County Committee, Wang Yan, Director of the Talent Development Management Department of the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Suichang County, Liu Chengyue, General Manager of Kane New Materials, Li Lizi, Deputy Chief Engineer of Kane New Materials, and Fu Weilin, Chairman of the Kane New Materials Union, all attended the meeting with a strong lineup. The meeting was chaired by Li Lizi, the chief expert of the company and director of the postdoctoral workstation.

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Ye Huihua, Deputy Director of Suichang County Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, delivered an opening speech at the meeting

He said that as an excellent enterprise with high-tech content that has grown up locally, Kane has provided a good foundation for the innovative development of talents. He hopes that Kane can firmly grasp the good opportunity that the provincial, municipal, and county talent offices attach great importance to postdoctoral workstations, especially enterprise postdoctoral workstations, cherish the platform, and make it play its maximum role.

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Postdoctoral Workstation "Newcomers Arrive", Technological Innovation Forever on the Road

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Dr. Wei Weiqi, Associate Professor of Nanjing Forestry University, gave an opening speech at the meeting, with the theme of "Separation, Modification, and Functional Application of Lignin in Alkaline Pulping Black Liquor". Dr. Wei's report covers five major sections: research background and significance, research ideas and main content, research methods, routes and feasibility analysis, relevant research foundations and progress, work arrangements and expected results. The overall goal is to design and prepare 1-2 types of lignin based composite carbon materials using lignin separated from alkaline pulping black liquor as raw material, And explore its application in the field of electrochemical energy storage (supercapacitor electrode materials). The implementation of the project will provide new ideas for the high-value utilization of industrial alkali lignin.

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After listening to Dr. Wei's proposal in detail, the experts in the evaluation team spoke one by one, raised their respective concerns and suggestions, and Dr. Wei provided detailed answers and exchanges. After a closed discussion, Professor Tian Junfei, the leader of the expert group, announced that the expert group unanimously agreed with Dr. Wei's proposal, believing that this topic can effectively solve environmental problems and enable enterprises to layout in other fields, making it a very good research direction.

Deepen school enterprise cooperation and jointly build a highland of technology and talent

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South China University of Technology is a well-known domestic university with expertise in engineering, and its research in the field of pulp and paper is at the top level in the world, known as the cradle of paper engineers. The cooperation between Kane and South China University of Technology is also closely related. In order to deepen the cooperation and promote the integration of industry, academia, and research, Kane signed an agreement in August this year to jointly build a teaching internship base with South China University of Technology.

The awarding ceremony of the Teaching Internship Base of South China University of Technology was held at the meeting. Due to the impact of the epidemic, Li Bo, Vice Dean of the School of Light Industry Science and Engineering at South China University of Technology, who was unable to attend the event in person, participated in the event via video link and gave an online speech. She said that after this award, Kane has become the undergraduate teaching and internship base of South China University of Technology. South China University of Technology focuses on cultivating research-oriented and innovative talents, and this award aims to further promote cooperation between the two sides and climb the technological peak together.

Policy setting up, double hundred leading and achieving fruitful results again

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The Double Hundred Leading Plan, also known as the "Talent Leading Plan for 100 PhDs to Enter 100 Enterprises", is a technology project support policy introduced by Lishui City to fully leverage the four in one innovation advantages of technology, talent, achievements, and platforms, explore the establishment and improvement of a long-term mechanism for high-level technology talents to serve enterprises, accelerate the development of high-tech industries and enterprise technological innovation. Since the introduction of this policy, Kane New Materials has actively participated and introduced two doctoral fellows for on-the-job cooperation in 2019 and 2021, respectively. This year, it is an honor to invite Professor Liu Zhulan from Nanjing Forestry University to collaborate and participate in research on the high-value utilization of lignin in biological feed additives.

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Dr. Liu Zhulan gave a technical exchange report online titled "Comprehensive Utilization of Black Liquor in Hemp Pulping", which detailed the relevant situation of the comprehensive utilization of lignocellulose, pulp black liquor, and black liquor into lignin, sugars, and full utilization.

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Kane New Materials General Manager Liu Chengyue gave a concluding speech at the meeting, saying that the postdoctoral workstation and the Double Hundred Leading Plan are very in line with the practical needs of the enterprise. The joining of high-level talents will further catalyze the innovative development of the enterprise. At the same time, further cooperation with South China University of Technology will further promote the technological progress of the enterprise and create better conditions for the reserve of technical talents. I hope that the technology workers of the company can achieve more results and create brilliance again.