The ever-changing and tumultuous year of 2021 has quietly passed, and at the end of the year, Kane held a grand annual conference series of activities on January 20, 2022, bidding farewell to the old and welcoming the new. The event will be held in two sessions: the morning session and the afternoon session. The morning session will be the "Cohesion, Innovation, and Efficiency Enhancement" Kane 2021 Annual Conference and Award Ceremony. More than 200 team leaders and award-winning representatives from the company will attend the meeting to summarize the work of 2021, sign the 2022 work goals, commend advanced groups and individuals, stimulate morale, and start the journey of the new year; The afternoon event is a large-scale outdoor carnival of Kane 2022 Warm Winter Carnival, in which all employees of the company participate. Performances, games, New Year's goods, cuisine, and lucky draws, with rich and interesting activities, are exciting and diverse. The company garden instantly turns into a joyful ocean, full of New Year's flavor.

Taking stock of 2021, drawing inspiration for progress, creating a blueprint, and embarking on a new journey

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Accompanied by the countdown screen, an inspiring performance that combines rigidity and softness, integrating traditional and modern styles, kicked off the "Cohesion, Innovation, and Efficiency Enhancement" Kane 2021 Annual Conference and Awards Ceremony. The uplifting drumbeat ignites emotions upwards, urging people to strive forward.

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Ms. Liu Xi, Chairman of the joint-stock company, sent a New Year's message and blessings from Beijing, stating that Kane Group achieved its highest performance in history in the first three quarters of 2021. This is due to our excellent financial performance and compliant operation. The company has also been awarded the 2021 Zhejiang Top 500 and the "Golden Jue Award" for high-quality development of listed companies, and has successfully been re recognized as a national high-tech enterprise. Outstanding performance. She pointed out that 2022 is a crucial year for the company's development. We need to maintain strategic determination, anchor annual goals, continue to shoulder the banner of "leading domestic electrical supporting paper enterprise", build a world-class special paper research and production enterprise, and strive to explore new models in the "dual carbon" economic era, demonstrate hard power in high-quality products, and take new steps in new technologies, Continue to achieve historic breakthroughs and leapfrog development for listed companies!

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The new image promotional video of the company, which was completed in 2021, was officially released at the annual meeting. The promotional video seems to have opened the box of memories for the Kane people, telling the story of more than 80 years of ups and downs. The Kane people have overcome obstacles and forged brilliance in time, and are becoming more and more brilliant. The weight of history gives people infinite power of mission, pride, enlightenment, and progress.

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The General Manager of the company, Hua Yiming, delivered a speech at the meeting and gave a work report for 2021. He said that 2021 was a very unforgettable year, and he reviewed the major events of the company this year. This year, the company carried out the construction of the first phase of the digital factory project and successfully passed the project acceptance, which is of great significance. The company aims to inject the wings of digital factories into traditional industries and take off again through project construction; In April 2021, the company collaborated with the Party Committee of Minfeng Special Paper to jointly hold a themed party building activity titled "Learn Party History, Walk the Red Army Road, Practice Original Aspiration, and Strive for a New Era". Minfeng Special Paper is the big brother of China's special paper industry, and Kane and Minfeng have a deep historical connection and friendship. This joint construction activity has further enhanced mutual understanding and friendship; The production and operation of the company's 4000 ton electronic fiber project has laid a solid foundation for the company's further development; Dr. Li Lizi, a postdoctoral workstation of the company, passed the exit assessment. The postdoctoral workstation of the company is the first in Suichang and also the most representative workstation in Lishui City; In July 2021, the 2021 Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor Industry Summit Forum was held in the company, with over 60 experts from the electrolytic capacitor related industry across the country attending the conference. The conference monitored the development trends of the industry and achieved fruitful results; The landing of multiple renovation projects will help the company achieve another takeoff; In December 2021, Kanete Paper Company officially passed the Advanced Customs (AEO) certification, which is the second time that the company has passed the AEO certification after the joint-stock company passed the AEO certification in December 2017.

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The company's operating performance in 2021 was quite impressive, with both production and sales increasing. Hua Yiming pointed out that in 2022, we will face more intense market competition, higher production costs, and stricter "dual carbon" indicators. Only by continuously consolidating our technological strength, accelerating the development and entry of new products into the market, strengthening internal management, reducing costs and increasing efficiency, breaking through traditional thinking, and taking bold actions can we break through the difficult and confusing situation and stand invincible.

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At the annual meeting, representatives from departments such as sales, production, research and development, quality control, supply, equipment, and security took the stage one by one to sign the 2022 work goal book and invited team members to take the oath together.

In the awarding session, we shared the touching demeanor of the advanced collectives and exemplary individual emerging in 2021 through video clips.

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The 15 # paper machine team of the second papermaking department was awarded the Best Team Award; The Ministry of Energy was awarded the Best Safety Award; Wu Jiangen and Wang Jiye were awarded the Best Contribution Award; Hua Sicheng and Wang Mengjie were awarded the Best Sales Award; Eight employees, including Huang Kaiqing, Wu Zhijun, Zhou Weijing, Guo Wan, Fan Longhai, Pan Weifeng, Liu Zhe, and Zhou Lifen, were awarded the Outstanding Employee Award.

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At the final stage of the annual meeting, a warm ceremony for the inheritance of new and old employees was also set up. The company invited retired old employees in 2021 to wear the company logo and badge for new employees, so as to continuously inherit and promote the spirit of Kane. It is through the continuous efforts of generations of paper makers that Kane is able to continuously develop and climb new heights.

Full staff carnival party, let go and keep the fun going

On the afternoon of the 20th, the outdoor venue of the company was already a joyful ocean, with a lively and bustling atmosphere. All Kane people unloaded the tension and fatigue of the year, transformed into the protagonist of the party, and enjoyed the beauty of the new year to the fullest.

After careful preparation in the early stage, 17 booths formed by various departments of the company made a stunning appearance.

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In the food stall area, there are 8 food stalls, including "thriving", "different fireworks", "tiger and tiger give rise to power", "healthy future", "cooking and grilling officer", "Kane Jiaozi", "standing with claws and exploding steamed buns asking about the west and east", and "first-class oyster house". They are like chefs competing for dominance, showcasing their skills and making people dizzy. Garlic oysters, stewed pig feet, meat buns, beef noodles, barbecue, Stinky tofu, Guandong cooking, baked sweet potatoes, boiled corn, Rice noodles dumplings, milk tea, desserts, popcorn, and so on, all of which have conquered your picky taste buds again and again, and can't help but be a repeat customer and have another one;

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On the big lawn, there are six amusement spots: "Spending a lot of money", "Extreme Challenge of Hand Speed", "Abundant Wealth", "Dragon Gate Escort Agency", and "One Step, Two Steps, Happy You Have". They have already secured their territory, set up formations, and are waiting for heroes to challenge them;

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"Fuxing Cake Photo", "Jucai Wangpu", and "Da Fu Jia" are three stalls with abundant supply of goods and rich products for the Chinese New Year. Taking advantage of this opportunity, purchasing New Year's goods in advance and returning with a full load is also a very good choice;

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In this event, downstream customer product display booths have been specially set up, allowing you to have a better understanding of the application of products. At the same time, you have a more intuitive understanding of the company's product market position, and a sense of pride arises. At the same time, there is also a sense of urgency to catch up with top technology;

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In the stage area, music, hot dances, skits, games, and lucky draws take turns, like a lawn concert and variety show;

In this lottery gift, the planning team carefully selected highly attractive internet celebrity products such as Apple iPad, air fryer, Zhiweiguan Sauce Luxury New Year Gift Box, and Three Squirrels Giant Snack Gift Pack. We only ask if you want them.

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17 booths, using all their skills, engaged in intense and interesting competition. In the end, "Lizhaoli Explosive Mowen Xidong" won the Best Creativity Award, "Jucaiwangpu" won the Most Beautiful Booth Award, and "Healthy Future" won both the Best Sales Award and the Defeat Taste Award.

All the beauty forms a common name - Kane Warm Winter Carnival!

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In 2022, let us bravely move forward, ride the wind and waves, and compose a new chapter!

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