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After more than ten months of hard work, the Kane Digital Factory (Phase I) project was officially launched on September 1st. On December 3rd, the project acceptance meeting was grandly held at Kane Company. A team of 7 experts from the Zhejiang Intelligent Technology Commission participated in the acceptance inspection; Leaders of relevant government departments such as the County Economic and Commercial Bureau, County Industrial Park Management Committee, and County Finance Bureau; Leaders of project implementation units such as Lanzhuo and UFIDA, as well as all senior executives of Kane and leaders of digital project related teams. It can be said that the lineup is strong, reflecting the high importance that various relevant units attach to the project.

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The experts and leaders of the acceptance team first sat down in front of the newly completed digital screen of the company, watched the company's image promotional video, integrated modules of the digital factory, and displayed data visualization. Then, the expert group moved to the company's conference hall to listen to a detailed report on project implementation.

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At the meeting, Chen Xiaoming, the director of the company's digital office, introduced the overall situation before the project construction. He said that Kane has always attached great importance to information technology work, and the company's information technology and automation construction work has always been at the leading level in the industry and region. Before the implementation of the project, Kane had already implemented 18 software systems of all sizes, and the foundation of information technology work was very solid. However, these systems were isolated from each other and could not be connected, There are breakpoints, and the company urgently needs to integrate various software systems. Coincidentally, the government is promoting the construction of digital factories. The Zhejiang Intelligent Expert Group conducted in-depth research on enterprises and top-level design. The company decisively seized this good opportunity and launched the Digital Factory (Phase I) project, achieving interoperability, data sharing, and reuse of various systems through system integration, and optimizing business processes in application scenarios, Deep mining of data value and leveraging the enormous value of enterprise digitization.

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Wu Xiaochun, the project manager of the general contractor Lanzhuo Company, gave a detailed introduction to the specific implementation of the project at the meeting, including the timeline of project construction, schedule arrangement, and construction content. He introduced that the construction content of the Kane project mainly includes six modules: OA office system, ERP system, real-time data collection system, MES manufacturing execution system, WMS warehouse management system, CRM customer relationship system, etc. We have truly achieved integrated management of production, supply, and sales, and synchronized logistics, information flow, and capital flow. The Lanzhuo team also demonstrated the use and operation of various related sections. Wu Xiaochun said that Kane's digital factory project can be said to be a typical case of the most complete platform functionality in the Lishui area.

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Yu Zixian, Senior Implementation Consultant of UFIDA U9 ERP System, introduced to everyone that Kane's U9 financial system, which is the latest version of UFIDA, will achieve powerful management value such as cost accounting and report analysis. At the same time, he also gave a system operation demonstration at the meeting.

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Kane Vice General Manager Xie Meizhen introduced the investment situation of the project at the meeting, including production line control equipment, industrial internet operating systems, software systems, data collection equipment, private cloud data center servers, etc.

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At the meeting, the acceptance expert group also provided detailed understanding, inquiry, communication, and verification to each reporter on the concerns and questions, and each reporter gave a defense one by one.

After listening to detailed reports from all parties, the members of the expert group also went deep into the production workshop, data center data room, and other sites to check the investment and operation of equipment, as well as the actual use of various software systems in the digital factory project.

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Based on the report and on-site inspection, the expert group finally had a closed discussion, and Dong Guanling, the leader of the acceptance group, announced the acceptance results. He said that after comprehensive evaluation, the expert group believed that Kane was in good condition in terms of image, conditions, and software application. The expert group unanimously agreed that the project passed the acceptance review. He said that he did not expect such excellent enterprises to exist in small mountainous county towns. He hoped that Kane could continuously improve the digital factory system and achieve greater development for the enterprise.

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The general manager of the company, Hua Yiming, gave a concluding speech, saying that the implementation of the Kane Digital Chemical Plant project is of great significance. Kane's previous systems were divergent and have always longed to be integrated. Kane is a traditional manufacturing enterprise with over 80 years of history. The original model, coupled with geographical limitations in mountainous areas, has hindered the development of the enterprise. We hope to use the wings of digital factories to help the enterprise take off again. The Kane Digital Chemical Plant project has been developed through the diligent efforts of all parties. The system was officially launched on September 1st, and the company's management and system have undergone adaptation, testing, and continuous optimization and improvement. The system operation has now become stable.

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The digital armed enterprise's intelligent brain will inject new vitality into Kane's development. The company will continue to deepen the development of intelligent manufacturing scene functions, timely launch the second phase of the digital factory project, and continuously achieve leapfrog development of the enterprise through innovative models.

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