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To ensure the safe operation of the company's power plant boiler and cooperate with the government's regular inspection of Kane Paper Company's power plant boiler, a special equipment involving major safety issues, Kane Paper Company conducted boiler inspection and maintenance work from November 28 to December 4, 2021.

Carefully planned and coordinated

Seeking the optimal balance between safety and production

The 35 ton circulating sulfurization bed boiler of Kane Paper Industry's Energy Department is a prerequisite and guarantee for all production of the company, and it is necessary to provide necessary steam for paper machine production. Boiler maintenance means that the company will shut down the entire production line. In the current context of severe insufficient production capacity of the company, time is money, and boiler maintenance is a wide-ranging event. It is crucial to choose the appropriate timing in order to balance safety and production, and minimize the impact on the company's production. As the regular boiler inspection is approaching its expiration date, the Energy Department of the company has moved forward with careful planning and overall arrangement, taking into account various factors such as power limit indicators and county power bureau line maintenance. Finally, it has been decided to conduct the regular boiler inspection ahead of schedule within 6 days of the end of November and early December. Avoided the adverse effects of multiple repeated production shutdowns on the company.

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The regular inspection of boilers is a comprehensive system engineering project that takes place every three years. It is supervised and inspected by the government appointed by the Lishui Special Equipment Testing Institute, and professional qualified testing institutions and installation companies are hired for testing and rectification installation. The company also needs to arrange personnel related to mechanical maintenance, electricians, electrical appliances, energy, etc. to assist in implementation. The project involves coordination from multiple parties inside and outside the company, personnel organization, and numerous affairs. The Ministry of Energy has carefully prepared, conducted multi-party communication, coordination, and organization one month in advance, and actively cooperated with on-site scaffolding construction, removal of designated insulation layers, and other preparatory work to ensure that the inspection work can be quickly and smoothly implemented, and to seize the progress of the project.

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According to technical specifications, the Lishui Special Equipment Testing Institute has conducted a series of inspections on the boiler body and pipelines of the company's power plant, including macroscopic inspection, thickness measurement, non-destructive testing, hardness testing, metallographic analysis, spectral testing, etc. The company has promptly rectified any problems found to ensure the safe operation of the boiler, a large-scale equipment involving major safety issues.

Seize the opportunity and make reasonable arrangements

Carry out a comprehensive overhaul of the boiler

In addition to the regular inspection of boilers as required by the government, the company's Energy Department conducts one to two comprehensive boiler maintenance work every year to eliminate potential faults, safety hazards, dust removal, and ensure safety and production while also ensuring that flue gas emissions fully meet environmental standards.

This time coincided with the government's regular inspection of boiler shutdown. The Ministry of Energy seized this opportunity, made reasonable use of time, and organized backbone forces to arrange the company's annual boiler routine maintenance to be carried out simultaneously during this period, avoiding losses caused by repeated shutdown maintenance.

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The comprehensive maintenance of boilers is a arduous and massive project. The workload is enormous, and the working environment is exceptionally challenging. The main job responsibilities include: cleaning and cleaning the dust inside the desulfurization tower, inspecting leakage points, bag dust removal, wet electrostatic dust removal, to ensure that the flue gas emissions fully meet environmental requirements; Cooperate with mechanical maintenance personnel to carry out maintenance and replacement of various valves such as steam valves and sewage valves, as well as high-pressure metal gaskets, to ensure equipment safety; Knock and clean the dust on over 200 wind caps one by one, reinstall or replace them to ensure normal air outlet; Enter the interior of the boiler to inspect, measure thickness, and clean the boiler water-cooled wall pipes; Blow ash, clean and inspect the internal devices such as high-temperature superheater, low-temperature superheater, upper economizer, lower economizer, cyclone separator, etc. layer by layer. The comprehensive maintenance of the boiler has laid a solid foundation for the company's safe and normal production.

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The total height of the boiler tower is over 30 meters, and maintenance personnel need to go up and down hollowed out stairs, facing a dual harsh test of physical strength and fear of heights. The internal temperature of the boiler can reach over 800 degrees Celsius during operation, and it takes a long time to cool down after shutdown. In order to catch up with the progress and resume production as soon as possible, the boiler operator has to wear protective masks at high temperatures to enter the furnace and start working. In a high-temperature and dusty working environment, it is impossible to distinguish who is who. Seeing that the protective suit has been stained with dust and camouflaged, the workers who work diligently and meticulously, both hot and tiring, are deeply respected, They are the best embodiment of the Kane spirit of being serious and responsible in everything they do, and they are the most beautiful Kane people!

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