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The stones from other mountains can be used to attack jade. In order to broaden our horizons, break through traditional thinking, learn from the excellent cultural genes of benchmark enterprises, and better promote the construction of the company's corporate culture, Kane Paper Company organized a company culture implementation committee of 15 people to Qingdao Beer for study tours and exchanges from October 21st to 25th. The study tours were divided into two sections: visiting and learning and expert lectures. The perfect integration of travel and learning, from intuitive perception to in-depth analysis, enables students to deeply understand the mystery and charm of Qingdao Beer, a century old enterprise that has a evergreen foundation.

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Entering the Tsing Beer Factory and Museum,

Experience the collision of time

During the visit, two stations were set up, Qingdao Beer Factory 2 and Qingdao Beer Museum.

Qingdao Beer Second Factory is the main factory currently being produced by Qingdao Beer Company. It is a modern chemical factory with fully automated production lines. Here, everyone watched the company's promotional video, introduction and display of the company's production process and various products, and conducted on-site inspections of the company's fermentation workshop and fully automated filling and packaging production line. Finally, tasting the pure draft beer produced here, it can be said that you can see and drink it, and experience the freshest taste and charm of draft beer from zero distance.

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The Qingdao Beer Museum is located at the headquarters of Tsingtao Beer Company, which is the location of Tsingtao Beer Factory 1. The museum was transformed from the earliest Tsingtao Beer Factory, which was built by Germans in 1903. At that time, the company was named "German Beer Company Qingdao Co., Ltd.", which was also the first beer factory in China, thus opening up China's beer culture. The museum has fully preserved these century old buildings, production equipment, and facilities. Looking at these old objects that have gone through a hundred years of wind and rain is undoubtedly reading a modern history of China, exuding a profound sense of the times. After the visit, everyone tasted the raw beer produced by Tsingtao Brewery One, which is also a new product that Tsingtao Brewery is currently promoting. The unfiltered raw beer truly achieves its original flavor and unique flavor. Tasting the freshest raw beer made here for the first time is even more memorable.

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The century long turbulence and the wonderful chemical reactions generated by the history and reality of Qingdao Beer leave people fascinated and nostalgic.

Deep analysis and decoding of the enduring popularity of green beer

The Source of Charm and the Way of Management

In the conference hall of Qingdao Beer Headquarters, Jiang Wei, the director of Qingdao Beer Museum, personally gave lectures and exchanges to the Kane Paper Industry study tour group. As soon as you enter the conference hall, everyone is deeply attracted by the unique layout of this conference hall. The center line of the conference table is neatly arranged with various products of Tsing Beer, which is not eye-catching; At the seats, there are the latest health drinks launched by Tsing Beer - Prince Soda, classic beer cups with Tsing Beer logo, and Tsing Beer cultural and creative coasters. The entire conference hall is filled with a strong atmosphere of personalized corporate culture.

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Director Jiang narrated that from the development history, vision and mission, cultural cells, brand value, market scope, global reputation, quality strategy, quality management system, quality culture, quality level, brand "four degrees", brand "three transformations" positioning, brand "three highs" strategy, brand communication mode, innovative development and many other dimensions of Tsing Beer, he outlined and displayed a three-dimensional and full image of Tsing Beer Company for the students.

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In the course, there are several impressive sections, one of which is the whole process evaluation system, establishing a comprehensive evaluation and control system from "field" to "tongue", with a total of 131 evaluation monitoring items in 8 categories. All materials that come into contact with the liquor should be tasted through the mouth, such as the washing water of the fermentation tank and the gasket inside the bottle cap, which should be boiled and tasted by the taster to control the quality. This demonstrates the company's level of precision in quality management; The second is the "three modernizations" positioning of the brand. In marketing, marriage sports realize the internationalization of linking the world, marriage fashion week realizes the fashion of linking China-Chic classics, marriage music realizes the youth of linking the new generation, so that the passion culture of Tsingtao Beer is everywhere, keeping up with the trend of the times; Thirdly, Qingdao Beer Company attaches great importance to and builds its cultural industry. The Qingdao Beer Museum is now a national first-class museum and a national AAAA level tourist attraction. It has become an important sub brand and business sector under Qingdao Beer Company, indicating that culture is also a productivity that cannot be underestimated.

After class, the students asked and exchanged questions with the curator about their concerns, and introduced the overview of Kane Paper Company to the curator, strengthening mutual understanding and friendship.

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Beer is a culture of passion, and green beer has kept this passion alive for a hundred years, exuding charm. Through this study tour, we are able to explore the secrets behind the longevity of enterprises. In Qingdao, there is a saying that "there are two kinds of foam, one is the foam of the sea, the other is the foam of beer, and both kinds of foam are intoxicating". I have a deep feeling of this saying when I experience it. The study tour allows both the body and soul to be on the road and return with a full load.