The autumn wind rises, and the festival arrives. On September 17th, under the night sky, the Guanju Cultural Park was brightly lit, with fresh and unique neon colors that enchanted the decoration of the Chinese style neighborhood. The Kane Paper Industry Perception Culture Learning Group's third anniversary celebration of the Mid Autumn Festival team building event was held in the central square of Guanju Dongfang Street. The event also invited employees from other provinces who stayed in the local area to participate and spend a reunion night together.

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Handmade mooncakes, giving the warmest and most special gift for festivals

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Making a box of mooncakes by hand was a rare experience. The event invited pastry chefs to teach on-site, and everyone learned to make them as they pleased. They worked together and had a great time making mooncakes, big and small, good and bad, and so on. This is the unique joy and feature. The novelty of making mooncakes for the first time, the fun of teasing each other, and the competition in groups made everyone feel pure like children at this moment, and a joyful atmosphere lingered in everyone's hearts.

Recalling the past, you have already been planted in my heart

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Since its establishment, the Jue Neng Cultural Learning Group has celebrated its third anniversary. The preparatory group has thoughtfully produced a review video, where everyone looks back at the frames and images of the past together. Memories may be clear or blurry, but what is confirmed is that each other has already been planted in their hearts. The little moments of learning and completing work together make this emotion indelible. A single detail can evoke countless memories and feelings.

Games and songs make the laughter of this night flood into the sea

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In the game segment, more than 60 people divided into four teams: red, green, orange, and blue to compete. They squatted on carrots and grabbed chairs. The simple game was full of fun due to everyone's wholehearted dedication, and the sound waves rose higher and higher.

In the karaoke segment, each group actively sends representatives to sing, with deep affection and lively atmosphere, fully showcasing their hidden talents and bringing surprises to everyone.

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Hua Yiming, the general manager of Kane Paper Industry, also sang his signature songs with deep affection during the event and gave a speech. He said that this Mid Autumn Festival night feels particularly warm, with the bright moon sending longing from thousands of miles away. Employees from other places are silently dedicating themselves to Kane's career, and he is very grateful for everyone's efforts. This event also hopes to bring warmth to everyone's home. The reunion festival has very few opportunities for everyone to celebrate together. Today, I felt the atmosphere of everyone being together and felt it was very beautiful. Every activity in the company slowly brings everyone's hearts together. Looking back at past photos, it is very touching and truly feels that everyone is constantly growing. On this reunion night, I wish everyone a round heart and a happy future, with every year, month, and month being together!

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Ying Jianchang, Deputy General Manager of Kane Paper Industry, also sang a song and passionately shared his feelings during the break. He said that the Mid Autumn Festival is a precious festival, and employees from other places have made great contributions to Kane. Every festival, they miss their families twice as much. Just because of a word of love, this time we celebrate together, it feels very ceremonial, and this festival must be the most unforgettable.

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At the end of the event, Mr. Hua presented awards to each of the top 8 contestants in the Jue Neng Learning Group's cumulative homework points ranking for this year. At the same time, Vice President Ying also presented cash late night red envelopes to the orange team who achieved the best results in the event, allowing happiness to continue.

Romantic Guan Ju night, the strong affection never fades away!

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