In order to solidly promote party member education and learning activities, enrich learning forms and content, the Kane Group Party Committee and Minfeng Special Paper Party Committee jointly held the "Red Boat Spirit Reflecting Original Aspiration, Forgetting Ahead, and Undertaking Mission" joint learning and co construction theme party day activity in Jiaxing from December 6th to 7th, 2023. The Kane Group Party Committee Study Tour was led by the company's Party Secretary Hua Yiming, and more than 20 key members of the company went to the revolutionary holy land of Jiaxing to participate in this event together with the company's Party member team led by Cao Jihua, the Party Secretary, Chairman, and General Manager of the friendly enterprise Minfeng Special Paper.

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The spirit of the Red Boat guides us forward

Jiaxing South Lake is the cradle of the Chinese revolution, with a small red boat chopping through the waves and becoming a towering ship that leads China to create a new era. This is the sacred place that every party member admires in their hearts. As we walked into the Nanhu Revolution Memorial Hall, it was as if we had traveled through time and space. With the passionate explanation of the guide, we gazed at the objects with historical imprints before us, and our hearts were greatly shocked. We immerse ourselves in that magnificent and tumultuous era. The mood followed the footsteps of the martyrs with passionate ups and downs, either gripping or uplifting, unable to help but bring tears to one's eyes. Everyone listened attentively, looked up carefully, and sighed loudly. In this spiritual cleansing, they truly experienced the hardships of revolution and the hard won happiness.

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At the oath taking square of the Revolutionary Memorial Hall, everyone stood in solemn formation facing the party flag, reliving the oath of joining the party. The resounding voice echoed over the square, conveying boldness, firmness, and faith.

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The sky is beautiful, the sunshine is bright, and on the island in the center of South Lake, red maple trees adorn it. One by one, replicated red boats anchor on the shore, gently swaying with the lake water, quietly recounting the smoke of the revolution that set sail. History seems to be within reach. Climbing the Yanyu Tower, the ripples of Nanhu Lake are fully visible, and the infinite scenery is refreshing and delightful. Everyone exclaimed that such a beautiful life truly needs to be cherished and cherished.

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A century old enterprise, exploring the password to success

Minfeng Special Paper is a pioneer and industry leader in the domestic paper industry. Founded in 1923, Minfeng Special Paper has ushered in a glorious century of factory construction this year. Respected and admirable. Kane Company, also a specialty paper industry, has gone through more than 80 years of ups and downs. Over the long period of time, as two paper-making enterprises with a long history, Kane Company has formed a deep friendship with Minfeng Paper.

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The visiting group walked into the newly built Haiyan new factory area of Minfeng Special Paper, visited the company's two core production lines, research institutions, modern high-end production lines, smooth operation layout, spacious and clean production environment, digital process control, strict and standardized on-site management, and high-quality scientific research equipment, all of which left a deep impression and inspiration on everyone.

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After the on-site visit, everyone sat down in the conference hall and had a comprehensive exchange and discussion on their respective development history, technical characteristics and advantages, market positioning, development strategies, product structure adjustments, challenges and difficulties faced, employee management, and so on. They learned from each other and improved together.

To celebrate the extraordinary occasion of the 100th anniversary of the establishment of Minfeng Special Paper Factory, Kane specially prepared unique local celadon craft ornaments as gifts during his trip, and held a gift giving ceremony at the meeting. The auspicious floral patterns and circular shapes symbolize the company's auspiciousness, prosperity, evergreen foundation, and the long-lasting friendship between the two sides.

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Although the short and compact journey of learning may be tiring, this trip is rich in content and full of practical skills. It is not only the education of the Party, but also the learning and improvement of business. It can be said that it has gained a lot and returned with a full load.

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