In order to solidly carry out party member education activities, care for retired party members, enhance understanding and friendship with Yuankou Village, where Kane Enterprise is located, and promote joint construction activities between enterprise party organizations and village party organizations, on the afternoon of June 5, 2023, Kane's Third Party Branch was led by branch secretary Chen Yongjin and party committee member Ying Jianchang, the deputy general manager of the company, to organize a team of more than 20 party members from the branch. At Yuankou Village, the party branch secretary Accompanied by village party committee leaders such as village director Luo Wenchun, they went to various natural villages in Yuankou to carry out activities to comfort old party members. This is the third condolence activity organized by Kane's Third Party Branch in recent years, which has continuously cared for elderly party members at the grassroots level in rural areas. It is also the first time that the village enterprise party organization has jointly built and carried out this activity.

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In the quiet small mountain village, the party flag is fluttering and the convoy is huge, with a grand and bustling team. This is not only the care of the organization, but also the honor of the veteran party members.

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The condolence team went to three natural villages in different directions in Yuankou. They respectively visited Luo Chenfu, an old party member who joined the CPC on August 11, 1997 and served as the former secretary of the Luocun Village Branch and deputy director of the Yuankou Village Committee. Later, he had been paralyzed in bed for ten years due to cerebral infarction; Li Dingnan, who joined the CPC on December 21, 2003 and served as the director of the former village committee of Luocun, had several operations for bladder cancer cancer and oral cancer, had just undergone neck dissection and recuperated at home, but his illness caused family difficulties; Zhang Yutian, who joined the CPC on January 3, 1972 and is now the oldest old party member in the general party branch of Yuankou Village, Miaogao Street; And Lan Zhanghua, who joined the CPC on December 28, 1959, is a 50 year old party member of the General Party Branch of Yuankou Village, Miaogao Street.

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Everywhere they went, the group sent red envelopes, edible oil, biscuits, drinks and other practical daily necessities to the old party members, and solicited their parents with the old party members and their families to inquire about the recent life of the old party members and wish them health and happiness. The warmth and care of the organization made the veteran party members very excited and moved, with a face full of happiness and pride as party members.

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This event not only brought warmth to the veteran party members, but also provided them with a lively party lesson and a deeper understanding of the revolutionary history of the party. At the same time, it has enhanced communication and understanding between party members and between branches. The village and enterprise party organizations have reached a consensus to use this event as a breakthrough point to jointly promote the continuous and in-depth development of this activity.

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After the condolence event, the team also held a symposium in the meeting room of the Yuankou Village Committee. The Kane branch and the Party committee of Yuankou Village exchanged their basic information, experiences, difficulties, and insights on party building work. Both sides expressed that holding a condolence activity for veteran party members together is very meaningful. As two grassroots party organizations located in the same area, both sides should continue to strengthen communication and cooperation to promote mutual development.

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