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On July 31, 2021, a 2021 Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor Industry Summit Forum with the theme of "Promoting Innovation and Integration of the Industrial Chain, Building a Healthy Ecological Environment for Electrolytic Capacitors" was held in the conference hall of Kane Corporation. More than 60 representatives from national electrolytic capacitor related industry council units attended the conference, making it a grand gathering of experts.

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This summit is hosted by the Capacitor Branch of the China Electronic Components Industry Association, co organized by Kane Corporation, and chaired by Ling Jianming, Deputy Secretary General of the Association.

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Ran Hongting, Secretary General of the Electric Container Branch of China Electric Yuan Association, gave a speech at the meeting, pointing out that this year China's electrolytic capacitor industry has shown a development trend of both production and sales, repeatedly reaching new highs. Entrepreneurs should pay more attention to the future development trend of the industry and promote its long-term healthy development.

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Hua Yiming, Secretary of the Party Committee and Deputy General Manager of Kane Corporation, delivered a welcome speech at the meeting and introduced the company's development status. He said that the industry summit is an important platform for enterprises to communicate and seek common development. This meeting is an important meeting held at a critical period of industry development. Since the second half of last year, Kane Corporation has been continuously increasing project funding to overcome the bottleneck of insufficient production capacity. This year, the company's annual production of 4000 tons of electronic fibers has been completed and put into operation. The renovation and upgrading of the electrolytic paper production line is currently underway and is expected to be completed by the end of this year. At the same time, the company has also invested in digital factory technology renovation projects, empowering enterprises with high-quality development through digital technology. The company continues to increase investment in technology, continuously improve its technological innovation capabilities, and continuously develop its products towards high precision and cutting-edge directions, continuing to contribute to the revitalization and development of national industry.

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Tan Guoqing, Deputy County Magistrate of Suichang County, congratulated and delivered a speech at the meeting, acknowledging Kane Group's contribution to the local economy. He also introduced Suichang's resource endowment, cultural characteristics, and other aspects to the attending guests, and made a policy recommendation for attracting investment and talent.

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Hunan Aihua Group Co., Ltd. is the largest manufacturer of electrolytic capacitors in China. The chairman of the company, Ai Lihua, as the chairman of the capacitor industry association, gave a speech at the meeting, proposing new requirements and initiatives for the relevant work of the industry association. He pointed out that the current booming market is a false phenomenon. Everyone should calmly analyze the underlying reasons behind the market, maintain a clear mind, entrepreneurs should elevate their heights, have a sense of responsibility, and develop together. Especially large factories should have a strong national sentiment, continuously improve product quality, make more competitive products, and launch a charge towards the world's mid to high end market, continuously expand international market share, and enhance international market competitiveness.

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Industry leaders from Jianghai, Dongyang Optoelectronics, Fengbin Electronics, Jinli Electronics, Gree Xinyuan, Huawei Electronics, Fenghua High tech, Sanxin Electronics, and others gave speeches at the meeting, sharing their respective company's business performance, business strategies, development goals, and analysis of industry development trends. They also jointly discussed the difficulties encountered in enterprise development and solutions.

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In order to save time and benefit everyone, the pace of the forum was very tight, and all participating companies exchanged and shared ideas. The one-day meeting was filled with a huge amount of information and wisdom, and the guests at the meeting expressed that they had gained a lot, which was not a waste of time.

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After the meeting, the guests also visited and inspected the newly launched pulp workshop and the company's electrolytic paper production line of Kane Corporation. The guests expressed their deep impression on Kane Corporation's beautiful natural ecological environment and standardized and clean on-site management, expressed gratitude for Kane Corporation's meticulous arrangements and services for this conference, and wished Kane Corporation even greater development.

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