Dear citizens

The ultra-high voltage electronic diaphragm project, constructed by Zhejiang Kane New Materials Co., Ltd., is located in Yuankou Village, Miaogao Street, Suichang County. The project covers an area of 33148.00 square meters and covers an area of 9982.85 square meters. The land is for industrial use, with a total construction area of 15712.85 square meters and mainly consists of two factory buildings.

The current design scheme has been jointly reviewed by relevant departments and is publicly disclosed in accordance with the law. The public notice period is from November 24, 2023 to December 4, 2023. If citizens have any objections, please provide feedback in writing within the public notice period. If this project directly involves significant interests between citizens (legal persons), relevant materials indicating the interests and the applicant's ID card (or business license) can be presented to the Planning and Editing Center of our bureau during the public notice period to apply for registration as an interested party. The applicant shall exercise the rights to make statements, defend themselves, and apply for a hearing in accordance with the law. Failure to declare within the prescribed time limit shall be deemed as a waiver of the aforementioned rights. If there are no objections upon the expiration of the public notice period, our bureau will handle the relevant procedures in accordance with regulations.

Address: 101 South Street, Miaogao Street (Postal Code 323300)

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