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With the continuous development of the Internet and big data technology, their application scenarios are constantly expanding in breadth and depth. A digital revolution empowered by the Internet to help traditional manufacturing iterate and upgrade to intelligent manufacturing has become a new era context. As a leading enterprise in the domestic specialty paper industry, Kane Paper always grasps the pulse of the times and seizes opportunities. In 2020, it became one of the first contracted enterprises in the "Suichang County Intelligent Manufacturing Three Year Campaign" promoted by the government, marking the beginning of the company's "digital factory" construction.

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Kane Paper Industry's "Digital Factory" construction project hired industrial internet giant Lanzhuo Technology for the top-level design of the project, and jointly developed and implemented it with UFIDA. The project will be completed in three phases over three years. The first phase of the project will have an investment of approximately 12 million yuan and will be completed and accepted in November 2021.

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The first phase of the digital factory project covers the development and construction of five modules: customer orientation, integration of production, supply and sales, synchronization of the three streams, industry chain collaboration, and value analysis. The following goals will be achieved:

Establish a customer-oriented market order taking model that prioritizes sales and production.

Establish a manufacturing management system that integrates production, supply and sales, and integrates quality and demand throughout, achieving real-time issuance of instructions, real-time collection of performance, and visual management of product lifecycle.

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SupOS is the first industrial operating system with independent intellectual property rights in China, as well as the first open enterprise centered industrial internet platform, industrial big data platform, and industrial artificial intelligence platform that starts with automation technology and advances from bottom to top. Taking the full information collection of factories as a breakthrough point, we aim to achieve the integration and application of multi-dimensional and diverse data in production control, production management, and enterprise operation. We provide object model modeling, big data analysis DIY, intelligent APP configuration development, intelligent decision-making and analysis services, and use integrated, digital, and intelligent methods to solve comprehensive problems in production control, production management, and enterprise operation, creating a smart brain that serves enterprises and empowers industries.

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By using the supOS platform and app application, achieve synchronization of logistics, information flow, and fund flow, daily accounting and settlement, and establish an integrated financial and business process; Through the supOS platform information portal, achieve upstream and downstream information collaboration: management, sales, customer, production interaction, and achieve industrial chain collaboration; By using the supOS platform to achieve automatic data collection and multi-source data access, a decision analysis system for data visualization is established, and a system data value analysis system is implemented.

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Kane Paper has always attached great importance to the application of industrial automation and enterprise informatization work in the development of the enterprise. Information construction has always been at the forefront of the industry and region, accumulating rich experience and foundation.

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In 1995, Kane was the first enterprise in Lishui City to independently develop and achieve "financial and accounting computerization"; In 2000, we became acquainted with UFIDA and gradually upgraded and expanded our business coverage from the earliest U8V2.11 version of the general ledger to the current U8V13.0 version, which fully covers modules such as the general ledger, supply chain, personnel, salary management, and production manufacturing.

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In 2002, with the construction of Kane Industrial Park, the company continuously increased investment in automation facilities. Now, each production line is equipped with DCS, QCS (quality control system), and paper disease detection system. Each production line only requires 4-5 people, and the production capacity is more than ten to twenty times that of the past. The quality is stable and greatly improved. In the 1990s, the company's highest annual sales of electrolytic capacitor paper were only around 700 tons. In 2019, the company's sales of electrolytic paper exceeded the 10000 ton mark, becoming a major global producer of electrolytic paper.

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Since 2012, the company has implemented a total of 18 software systems, including MES system, energy management platform, wireless meter reading, collaborative office, file encryption, and internet behavior management.

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Due to the lack of top-level design in the implementation process of information systems, there are breakpoints between various software systems, and the phenomenon of "information silos" is prominent. The contradiction of repeated input, inability to share data, difficulty in feedback, and inability to timely and fully share information is prominent, forming bottlenecks and to some extent hindering the development of the company. Digital transformation and upgrading are urgent.

In 2020, a wave of industrial internet driven by the provincial government to accelerate the transformation from traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing through digital empowerment brought a "timely rain" to the company. The provincial intelligent manufacturing expert group and Dr. Chen Changling's Lanzhuo expert group conducted multiple rounds of in-depth research on Kane Paper Company and formed the company's digital plan for the next three years.

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Through the implementation of Lanzhuo SupOS, Yonyou U9 ERP upgrade, OA collaborative office system upgrade, ERP, CRM, WMS, equipment management and other systems are fully integrated with SupOS, opening up data channels, reducing time-consuming, labor-intensive, and low value manual processing, making information more timely, achieving digital, transparent, and visual operation of enterprises, and making accurate decisions based on data. Gather the wisdom of all employees, build a smart brain for the enterprise, and use digitalization to drive continuous optimization and rapid transformation of the enterprise, ultimately achieving the construction goal of Kane Digital Factory.

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At present, the overall blueprint design for digital construction has been completed, and various work is being vigorously promoted. It is expected that the system will be launched and put into operation by the end of October this year.

The digital factory project will inject new development momentum into the company, helping the enterprise continuously transform and leap in increasing production and efficiency, reducing costs and improving quality and efficiency, and entering a new track of high-quality innovative development.

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