Since the beginning of the summer, the weather has instantly entered the "barbecue mode", and the hottest period of the year has arrived. For workers who need to work in high-temperature environments, it has also ushered in the toughest season. In order to truly care for frontline production personnel and ensure that employees spend the summer safely, Kane New Materials organizes various departments and union members to take turns to the production line every afternoon starting from July 18th to carry out a cooling activity. This activity will continue uninterrupted for 45 days, covering the entire summer.

Awakening summer dopamine

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The planning team of the Cool Delivery Activity is extremely dedicated to providing cool products. After fully listening to the voices of frontline employees, the planning team carefully selected a variety of popular products such as chilled yangmei soup, iced black tea, honeysuckle dew, nostalgic old lollipop, soda water, Suichang specialty Dragon Boat Festival tea, mineral water, and chilled mung bean soup. They did not repeat them for a week and changed their styles every day, taking into account everyone's preferences, It's not easy to get tired of eating and drinking.

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Every afternoon around 1:30 pm, the on duty cooling squad braves the scorching sun and transports boxes of products onto electric tricycles, personally delivering them to every production unit of paper machines, slitting, machine repair, warehousing, tallying, research institutes, pulp making, energy and other companies. Watching the hardworking employees take a satisfied sip of a cold drink, the members of the cooling group were also particularly happy. An employee stated that this summer, they were able to enjoy a different kind of cold drink every afternoon, giving ordinary and hardworking days a small sense of happiness and anticipation. Although it may seem like a small afternoon drink, the employee's sense of gain and happiness is not small.

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Send to the front line

The cooling delivery team carried boxes up and down at various locations, circling around for nearly two hours. It was also the peak time of noon sun, and everyone was sweating profusely. However, the thought of doing something to the best of their ability for frontline employees made everyone feel happy and meaningful.

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Ice cold, heart piercing cold

The cooling activity not only brings care to employees, but also enhances communication, exchange, and emotions among everyone. It also allows department staff to have a more intuitive experience and understanding of the working environment and mode on the production line. It is also an on-site office opportunity for managers to discover problems, communicate and solve problems, which can be said to be a win-win situation.

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