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Bird's-eye view of Kane Corporation  @Skilled in flying

At the end of 2020, Kane Co., Ltd. received a notice of re certification from Hangzhou Customs, marking that the company had undergone re certification by a senior certified enterprise and once again obtained the "customs clearance certificate".

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AEO Enterprise Certification

According to the Customs Certification Enterprise Standards issued by the General Administration of Customs, enterprises that meet the requirements for advanced certification can apply to the Customs Enterprise Management Office. Those who pass customs certification can become AEO certified enterprises.

Advanced certified enterprises can receive many trade facilitation benefits, including reducing the proportion of inspections and spot checks; Green channel benefits; Priority measures; International mutual recognition; Integrity based joint incentive measures, and so on, can be described as a solid "big gift package", full of goods.

Kane Corporation has passed the customs advanced certification for the first time since December 28, 2017, becoming an AEO certified enterprise. In 2020, after the expiration of the certification period, the company applied for review again.

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AEO certification is a massive system engineering project, with certification standards including four categories: internal control, financial condition, compliance regulations, and trade security. Involving numerous departments such as human resources, import and export, supply chain, logistics, information, security, etc., it is required that enterprises establish a very comprehensive management system to achieve informationization, traceability, and safety control of the entire product process.

In 2020, the advanced certification standards of customs have been improved, which has put forward higher requirements for enterprises. In addition, the impact of the epidemic has posed new challenges to the company's declaration work. The company has worked together, made every effort, and actively applied. The customs attach great importance to our company's declaration work and actively respond to guidance. On July 13, 2020, the on-site tutoring meeting for city declaration enterprises organized by Lishui Customs was selected to be held in our company. During the same period of certification, companies from Lishui, such as Naais, attended our company to learn and enjoy together.

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Lishui Customs held a meeting in our company

On site coaching session for applying for advanced certification in the city

In October 2020, Hangzhou Customs also organized a three-day online Shanghai Customs enterprise certification standard training course, and relevant department heads of the company attended the meeting on time to learn and participate in online Q&A.

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Hangzhou Customs organizes online training courses

After multiple rounds of tutoring and learning, active rectification, and submission of materials, on November 27, 2020, our company finally successfully passed the Hangzhou Customs Advanced Certification Enterprise Review, once again obtaining this valuable "customs clearance document", creating the best conditions for the company's import and export business and providing the most reliable guarantee.

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